Rocky Mountain Elementary

New Quarter Reminders

New Quarter Reminders
Posted on 10/14/2020

Dear Rocky Mountain Parent/Guardians,

Congratulations, we've made it to the end of the first quarter without any major health concerns around COVID!  I want to thank you for your continued support of our processes implemented to keep students and staff healthy and safe during these unprecedented times. 

Our staff have worked hard to implement these processes, to clean and disinfect desks, chairs, books, supplies, etc. on a daily basis to keep germs and exposure to a minimum.  While implementing these processes to keep us all safe, they have also implemented a new math curriculum and our 5th grade teachers are implementing our new science curriculum.  We've had new curriculum implementations in every subject area, except social studies, over the last three years.  These new adoptions are a heavy lift for teachers as they spend the year learning new curriculum, while implementing effective instruction for your students.  I continue to be in awe of the hard work, perseverance and dedication of our Rocky Mountain Staff!    

Just a few reminders as we move into second quarter; leading into the flu season and into the holidays:

1. Please remember to complete the COVID Tracker for each of your students each morning prior to students coming onto our campus.

2. Masks are required for all staff and students when entering and exiting the building, in the hallways, working in small groups, etc.  Students are allowed to remove their masks during recess and once outside.

3.  We continue to discourage the use of backpacks going to and from school.  If your student has a special circumstance please contact their teacher.

4.  If your student is absent for the day, please contact the office at 254-4900.  Our staff are mandated to keep track of the reason each student is absent due to COVID restrictions and contact monitoring.  So we will be inquiring about the symptoms your student is experiencing.

5.  Arrival on Campus - As the weather turns colder, please remember classroom doors are opened at 8:45 am.  Please do not send students earlier than 8:40 am due to lack of supervision and access to the indoors.

6.  For more information regarding individual grade levels, please visit our Rocky Mountain Website at

We all know that 2020 has been a year we will not forget.  Together, we have been able to provide a safe environment for your child(ren) to participate in face-to-face learning.  We are so grateful for your patience and continued grace you've exhibited as we've maneuvered through this pandemic!

We are so glad to be partnering with you on behalf of your child(ren)!  

Jennifer Smyth, Principal