Rocky Mountain Elementary

School Wide Illness Notification Letter

School Wide Illness Notification Letter
Posted on 11/18/2019

Dear Rocky Mountain Parents & Families:

It’s the time of year that we see more illness in children at school. As you may know, illness can be easily spread from person to person. We have had an increase in the number of students called in absent today at Rocky Mountain. Therefore, we are taking steps to reduce the spread of illness in our school. But, we need your help to do this.

We are working closely with the Mesa County Health Department to monitor for illness in our schools. Their recommendations include:

Teach your children to wash their hands often with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub. You can set a good example by doing this yourself.

Teach your children not to share personal items like drinks, food or unwashed utensils, and to cover their coughs and sneezes with tissues. Covering up their coughs or sneezes using the elbow, arm or sleeve instead of the hand when a tissue is unavailable.

Keep sick children at home for at least 24 hours after they no longer have fever or do not have signs of fever, without using fever-reducing drugs.  Keeping children with a fever at home will reduce the number of people who may get infected.

Sometimes children are ill with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea without having a fever. Please keep your children home for a day or so after the vomiting or diarrhea stops.

Do not send children to school if they are sick. Any children who are determined to be sick while at school will be sent home.

At school we are:

Monitoring for students who become sick while at school, and asking parents to pick them up.

Cleaning of surfaces, especially shared equipment like keyboards.

Encouraging hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers when soap and water aren’t readily available.


Jennifer Smyth

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